Looking to buy new z-wave devices... compatibility?

I’d like to buy some new z-wave devices off of Amazon. How can I tell if they’ll work with OH2 before buying them? Thanks

The quickest way is to see if they are in the database (this is used to build the binding and generate the channels and populate the thing properties).


Any device that adheres to the zwave standard can be added by anyone in the community.

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Thanks @omatzyo… I was specifically checking for Neo Coolcam devices. I’ve seen them discussed a great deal in the community but they don’t appear in the DB. Am I missing something? Thank you.

Open the Device List, open the Search Tools, and search for the manufacturer Shenzen Neo Electronics Co., Ltd. It looks like there are about 10 devices from them in the database. I opened a manual for one of them and it said Neo CoolCam.

Thanks @5iver… I searched for Neo and it didn’t find anything. It would be helpful if you could search for partial manufacturer name. Appreciate the assist since I had no idea the full name of the company.

Are you still searching then, or did you find it? You can do a partial search. You need to bring up the Search Tools and select Manufacturer, then it will populate as you type in the new text field (not the search field).

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Ahhh!!! I was trying Neo in the first field. :+1: