Looking to make a loud sound detector node using a mic and Mqtt

Hi All,
I’ll looking for some documentation or any guidance to make a node using a esp8266-01 with a adafruit microphone.
I have a few nodes for relays, temperature sensors, and 433hz transmitters I built with ESP-01s using the ESPEASY software and mqtt…

I would love if I could easily use one of the Devices as a settings on ESPEASY software, but not sure what type of output comes from the microphone…this is what I currently have https://www.adafruit.com/products/1063

The purpose: I am trying to detect when a neighbor’s dog barks to activate a high frequency noise generator, which stops their barking pretty quickly. I have this setup via mqtt (turn on and off) but would love to make it automatic to better classic condition the dogs not to bark. (I’ve tried talking to the owners but they don’t intend on training their dogs). Maybe this can be done easier with another piece of hardware.


You would probably need a series diode connected to a parallel combination of capacitor and resistor. The final signal would then be applied to the A2D of the ESP8266.

The series diode would perform a fast charge on the capacitor. This is then slowly discharged via the parallel resistor.
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I have the high frequency noise generator. My only question is how I make a noise detector using ESPEASY and the adafruit device. What type of device would I select from the list? Would it be switch? How would I configure the switch?