Looks like IKEA is getting into the roller shutter/blinds business

Seems to be a continuation of the TRÅDFRI series…


Interesting… So maybe I might switch over from my Somfy thingies if the IKEA ones are good and provide a channel back to the automation system…

They are already on the German IKEA page… (Austria too :sunglasses:)

I got the blinds yesterday. Got them up and running using the tradfri gateway and Google Home.

They were better looking than I had dared hoped for and I am happy with them so far!

Now I am hoping for support by the tradfri binding : )

Or the zigbee binding :+1:

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in deconz it seemingly already works: https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/issues/1121

There is also a thread at zigbee2mqtt, but the main thing - also including the question if it works with the zigbee binding - is, that someone who has these blinds needs to pair them respectively and publish the log to see what IKEA actually implemented. That’s what needed to see if it’s compatible

I hope the new blinds will be available at my local IKEA very shortly, thus I would also like to ask if someone is working on Tradfri binding to support the new blinds…
Is someone working on it?

Interesting. Has anyone tried them with the Zigbee binding yet?

I don’t think I have support for roller blinds, but happy to add them if someone wants to donate a device for testing…

I could provide you with log files or what you might need ? I should have everything here running, Ikea hub, fyrtur, openhab

Thanks - is the logfile from the Ikea app, or the ZigBee binding? If it’s from the Ikea app, then unfortunately it won’t help. If it’s from the ZigBee binding, then it might help, but it’s not super easy sometimes.

I don’t know what a “fyrtur” is? Is that the name of the Ikea blinds module?

yes, sorry. fyrtur is one of the ikea blinds. Unfortunately I currently have only the Ikea app / gateway attached to it. I can see of I can get the zigbee running as well

sorry, maybe to be more precise, the ikea binding would be available as well do not know if this helps you.

No - I dont think it will help. Almost certainly the Ikea binding won’t be talking ZigBee - it will send some higher level command to the hub, and the hub will talk ZigBee to the blinds.

Are these complete blinds, or are they a module that can be connected to existing blinds/motors etc?

no they are complete blinds where there is an engine inside. You connect them either to the remote, the repeater or directly to the hub. I have them connected directly to their hub without the repeater

Ok, thanks - I’ve found them online. I’m not really a blinds person, so i probably can’t convince myself to get one just for testing. If someone can get a log from the device from ZigBee it might help (maybe) otherwise if there’s enough interest we can revisit it.

Hi Chris, just got one of the blinds last week. Would really love to get them integrated into openhab. Any way i can help? How do I collect the ZigBee Logs you are talking about? Openhab runs on a raspberrypi 3. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Take a look at the ZigBee binding documentation - at the bottom there is a “what to do if things don’t go right” section which describes the logging that’s needed. I would need to get the logging during the joining of the device to the network as this is when the binding interrogates the device to find out what it supports.

Okay, thx. I’ll have to order a zigbee usb stick. Will get back to you as soon as i have those infos.

So I just got the blinds and I’d like to connect it to openhab, would this log help? I recorded it while adding it as a device.
ikea.log (778.0 KB)