LoRa Binding Development

Hi openHABians,

Do we took any initiative to develop LoRa Binding [ LoRa is a new Long Range Low Power RF technology for IoT] ?

C - based apporach is in below link,

I am working on developing a binding . Need to covert C to Java [either JNI approach or direct conversion]. Do anyone involved in same then please share your thoughts ?

Hello, any proceedings?

Hi Muratangi ,

I managed to expose ‘Command’ to control LoRa node.

Abhijith Kini

Hello, I was wondering what the status of the LoRa Binding is at the moment. I have implemented LoRAWAn devices in my OpenHAB platform via an IoT platform maker.allthingstalk.com which allows me to connect via various LoRaWAN providers.

I would like to understand form a conceptual point of view is it would be better to connect directly via a binding or user an intermediate platform. For example would the binding allow me to integrate a ‘Public’ loraWAN provider solution?

Hello, can i know the status of the development?is it ready?

Hi Guys,
LoRa comes under Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) i.e the commercial implementation need a Base station like Infra , Frequency Licensing , Server system etc. It somewhat beyond hobbyist one.

There is an open-source server that acts as the network server and application server:

[Compact server for private LoRaWAN networks]

It states-

Communicates with (any number of) remote LoRaWAN gateways. It currently supports:
All gateways based on the Packet Forwarder, such as the Semtech LoRa demo kit, LoRa Lite Gateway, LORANK-8, MultiConnect Conduit, or Kerlink Wirnet Stations

So you still need to purchase a gateway, but can avoid a cloud based solution with this.

-Rob A>

Why not using the TheThingsNetwork and integrate to openhab via mqtt through their cloud console ?