Lost all things, items, etc. after migration

When 3.0.0 came out, I successfully migrated from 2.5x to 3.0. All my things etc. were there. I made no significant changes.
For reasons unrelated to this issue, I later had to start from a fresh SD image of 3.0.1, but realized later that the backups I had were OH2 backups. Restoring them under OH3 did nothing noticeable
So, I reverted to 2.5x using openhab-config (option 40) and restored a backup. Everything looked good, so I went to repeat the upgrade from 2.5 to 3 (openhab-config option3). The install went smoothly but after reboot I ended up with what looks like a virgin installation, The web interface asked me to create a new admin account, and then showed I had no things, items UI’s etc.!

My installation is on a Raspberry Pi 4. The image version is 1.63.

How do I get my “stuff” back?