Lost connection to server..Node-Red update to v.0.20.0


during last Openhabian update I decided to update Node-Red also.
The Node-Red itself seems to be updated to v0.20.0 but it stopped working, as a result I get “Lost connection to server…” message from UI.
I’ve noticed that the installer couldn’t update Node.js and left old one.
Does anyone knows how to fix it?

Below update status:

Stop Node-RED :heavy_check_mark:
Remove old version of Node-RED :heavy_check_mark:
Remove old version of Node.js -
Leave existing Node.js - Node v8.15.1 Npm 6.9.0
Clean npm cache -
Install Node-RED core :heavy_check_mark: 0.20.0
Move global nodes to local :heavy_check_mark:
Install extra Pi nodes -
Npm rebuild existing nodes -
Add shortcut commands :heavy_check_mark:
Update systemd script :heavy_check_mark: