Lost homekit assignment after modifications

room assignments are lost and i have to assign every item to my rooms again in homekit.
Sometimes, when i update my items via file edit, all my items are assigned to a default room again.

Any ideas how to solve this behaviour?

Hi Klaus,

usually home app reset all assignment if it gets an empty list of accessories or the accessories got different names. lets have a look on both root causes

  1. home app get an empty list of accessories if openHAB cannot parse the item file, e.g. if you make a typo or mistake in configuration and save it, then openHAB will fail to parse the items file and home app will get an empty list of accessories.
  • to reduce a risk / impact try to use several items files. if one get broken then you will only lose part of the assignments
  • use of homekit backup apps, e.g. Controller für HomeKit. you can save and then restore room assignments
  1. accessories were renamed. the name of a homekit accessory is the item name, if you change the name of item, it will get assigned to the default room

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