Lost in translation - looking for a simple list or dropdown to choose between 3 options (oh-list-card ?)

Version: 3.4.2 on Raspberry / Openhabian

Just wanted to do something presumably simple (my wife says, it always starts with this statement…), but I have to say I’m stuck with the UI.

What I wanted to do is

  • I wanted to put on a page which I just started to put a few heating controls on, a control in the form of radio button or dropbox
  • which should allow me to choose one of the options 1, 2 or 3 (actually numeric values)
  • which should be linked to an arbitrary item

Basically I wanted to use this item then as a trigger to call a rule and set one of the heating profiles on a number of thermostats according the number choosen in the UI. While the task “rule & items” was done in 5 minutes, I completely struggled with the UI task.
The presumably card was “List card”, not sure was it does, I was not even able to configure it as two of the configure buttons simply do nothing.
The nearest I came to was to use a knob and limit it to values 1~3. Working, well, however not the typical UI experience for choosing one of the values.

Any help where to look at is appreciated.


There isn’t a direct “dropdown” element, so I suspect part of the reason you had trouble finding what you are looking for is just the terminology. There are several ways to accomplish this, ranging from easy to rather complex. The easy choice is using the widget actions:

In this case you want the Command Options action. Many different components support actions so picking the base component is just a choice of what ever fits your use-case best. If you were already trying to use cards, then a label card is probably the easiest way to go. To get the details on configuring a Command Options action you’ll need to look at the ref docs for a component that supports actions. For example:

but if you follow the UI config for the action it should be pretty straightforward.