Lost installation of all UI's after update


after the update two days ago i lost all ui’s of openhab. it got no idea why they are lost and how i get them installed without any ui.

would be glad, if someone could help me.


I can’t answer why they were lost. You can get them back by using services/addons.cfg. If you change the package to standard I think it will install at least PaperUI. If not you can add the UIs to the UI parameter. However, be aware that once you start listing addons in addons.cfg you must use it to list all of your addons to install. Any addon you install through PaperUI will be removed as addons.cfg will take precedence.

thanks! this was the right hint to find the issue! i got another problem that a binding from the marketplace is automatically uninstalled after a restart of openhab. in another thread a found as a solution to delete the addons.config in at /var/lib/openhab2/config/org/openhab - so i deleted it and had no problems so far (even after restarts).

now i uploaded it again and after another restart the ui’s were avaible again.

thanks for that!

but now i still got the problem with the binding - do i always have to add every new binding manually to the addons.config or is there another solution?

One you start using addons.cfg you must use it to list all your addons. addons.cfg takes precedence so if the add-on is not listed there it gets intimated.

I don’t know how addons.cfg works with the IoT Marketplace thought though.

I only use the config files in /etc/openhab2/* and it is like Rich is saying:

  1. the configuration files overwrite Actions which are done in PaperUI in every restart
  2. you can easily add the UIs you want in the UI-section (but also the bindings)
  3. manually installed bindings bundle install * via the openhab-console stay - until you update your openHAB to a new snapshot/release
  4. Marketplace bindings can be added to the addons.cfg and are kept even with an update of OH2

ad 4)
you can easily install them via PaperUI as instructed in the Marketplace, then retrieve their names and use them in addons.cfg:

# A comma-separated list of market extension to install (see https://marketplace.eclipse.org/)
market = binding-3421078

be sure to activate Marketplace in the first place (also in addons.cfg):

# A comma-separated list of miscellaneous services to install (e.g. "myopenhab")
misc = market