Lost Options in HABPanel Side Drawer

I can no longer see the information in the HABPanel side drawer (date/time, settings icon, etc). I can see the latest screen configuration but no option to select other configurations. I am guessing I entered kiosk mode but I cannot figure out how to get out of kiosk mode. Anyone experience a similar problem?

What browser / app do you use to show Habpanel? Are you talking about a tablet? Did you try to swipe from the left side of the screen to the middle?

I am using an Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet with the Openhab App sideloaded. The same problem exists on my Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet and also when I access Openhab via URL from my Windows PC. Everything worked fine on all devices a few days ago and Thursday or Friday (cannot remember which day) I was messing with some HABPanel settings and the problem showed up. I can swipe from the left but all I see on the left is the Home icon and below that just a blank screen. See attached.

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