Lost the Designer

Hi there,

with OH2 I started by manually porting my config files from OH1 with plain text editors. Now I wanted to have a look back at the Designer.

However, I’m a little lost in the documentation of OH2 and ESH as I can’t find the designer anymore. There seem to be some minor issues that foster my confusion:

It feels a little like the Designer is no longer a first-class-citizen at ESH/OH2 anymore and its usage is somehow discouraged. However, as far as I understood, the admin web-configuration GUIs do not yet fully support the full configuration, so everyone has to stick with the text-files for some time.

As a big Eclipse and Xtext fan, I would pity tapering off the Xtext Designers…

Any hints where to get the Designer? Any idea about the mid-term plans and the documentation?


You didn’t look on the Eclipse Smarthome page properly! :wink: (It’s quite well hidden)


You are right, it isn’t really intensively advertised, but at least the Designer “is on display”.

The reason is the Designer is currently not in a good shape, see e.g. here and here.
The problem here is that I am the only person maintaining the Designer in the past years - there hasn’t been anybody actively contributing to it and helping on improving it. As this is quite some work and I simply don’t find the time for it besides all my other topics, the Designer is indeed a bit neglected.

So if you want to help improving it (and as an Eclipse/Xtext fan, you seem to be a good candidate for that), please help me on making the Designer nicely usable for openHAB 2 and once we feel that it is, we can refer to it much more openly from the openHAB 2 documentation :slightly_smiling:

Just as a thought, is there any of the structure of the designer that can be re-purposed as part of an online designer for OH2?

This will be an even bigger refactoring, where I doubt that we will find any contributor to work on it. In theory, the very latest Xtext 2.9 supports web applications for the very first time, see https://eclipse.org/Xtext/documentation/330_web_support.html
We will soon update ESH to Xtext 2.9.1, so this could be an option, but I am not sure how well this is suited for embedded use or if it is rather targeting cloud deployments.
I think the more likely option as a web UI will be HABmin, which already now allows nice web editing of configurations.