Lowes IRIS Zwave Garage Door Control help

Hi everyone,

I am migrating from Vera to OpenHAB and i am using the Homeseer Zwave stick.

So far everything is working great… moved switches, plugs for Zwave and even set schedules.

I am running into a snag with these Garage Door Controllers. They gave me an issue on Vera but eventually worked.

I am getting the device to include and iam getting the 2 expected channels as per the documentation. However i cant get it to securely include.as the detail on the device says zwave secure false.

I put it in low power include mode and even forced all devices to include securely. The zwave stick and laptop were 2 feet from the device.

Im running OpenHAB 3 with the v3 plugin of the Zwave binding. This is running on Windows 10.

I have set the variable to 255 to see if i can open the door… but no luck. The status always reports as NULL, but when i set it to 255 it says OPEN but nothing happens on the door. No alarm,flashing lights, or movement.

  • zwave_class_basic


  • zwave_class_generic


  • zwave_neighbours

  • zwave_frequent


  • modelId


  • zwave_version


  • zwave_listening


  • manufacturerId


  • manufacturerRef


  • dbReference


  • zwave_deviceid


  • zwave_nodeid


  • vendor

Linear Corp

  • defaultAssociations


  • zwave_routing


  • zwave_beaming


*** zwave_secure**


  • zwave_class_specific


  • zwave_manufacturer


  • zwave_devicetype



  1. Please use code fences on the forum to prevent the forum software from mangling configuration & log entries.

I understand joining securely is very time critical. The device must be factory reset before trying. It must complete the join within 15 seconds.

You must join it using the openHAB binding, not any button on the stick. The security key is in the binding, not stored in the stick.

Thanks for the reply and the formatting tip. The devices were excluded from the old network and i made sure to include from OpenHAB directly. But let me try factory resetting the garage module device. Ill post back later.

If there are still issues the binding documentation shows how to collect DEBUG logs. Unfiltered logs aid in troubleshooting.Sometimes the log viewer is helpful.

Yeah looks like I will be debugging.
Still cant get it to pair with security.

Just paired my door lock with no problem and it is secure.
Maybe time to switch to opengarage and ditch the old zwave garage modules.