Loxone Binding does not work anymore


I updated my Loxone-Mini-Server to the latest version. Since that the openhab-binding does not work anymore.

I am getting:
Status: OFFLINE - CONFIGURATION_ERROR Too many failed login attempts - stopped trying

I found an entry in the loxone-forum as of march 2018, saying that Password-Based authentification is no longer supported and as of loxone config 9.0 token based authentification has to be used.

Anyone any idea? Any update for the binding??


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also waiting for an update. thanks

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Same here. I thought it is my fault, spent 2 days, till found this thread… Would appreciate an update. thanks

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Any update? Really no one still using loxone?

It seems there was a change in the authentication. The hash based authentication was prpbably removed. There is also a suggested workaround. (see https://github.com/ppieczul/org.openhab.binding.loxone/issues/5)

The binding was updated and released updating openhab and the binding (Version 2.3) brought back the functionality for me.