Luminance sensor?

Which luminance and temperature sensor do you use?

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I have Aeotec and Fibaro ZWave sensors.

If I was able to start over I’d make sure I get a sensor that does not top out at 30K or so lux.
Unfortunately, almost all smart home sensors do as those are quickly reached on summer days, even with some clouding. A clear sky summer day has 100K lux.
I guess I’d go with ZigBee this time, the Aqara is said it can do 100K. Hue too, eventually.

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I use Xiaomi Aqara sensors. No issues so far.

If you have an IoT-camera, it also might be able to provide you with current lux and maybe even temperature values.
I have a mobotix camera which triggers openHAB when lux values goes below a reference value

I use an enocean Multisensor made by Eltako. I like it a lot.

The MS multi sensor sends the current weather details, including 
brightness (from three points of the compass), temperature, wind, 
rain and frost (including heating of the rain sensor).
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But the aqara sensor is a proximity sensor and only works when someone is near, not posibly always, rigth?

I am planning to program one with Adafruit VEML7700 Lux Sensor - I2C Light Sensor : ID 4162 : $4.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits and a esp8266

No. It has a motion detector as well but that is independent of the brightness sensor.

Then why did you ask in the first place ? It’s not fair to waste people’s time.

I use the “Mi Light Sensor”. Can strongly recommend them.

You are correct that it has both sensors, but the lux values only update when motion is detected or after a long frequency (but not even sure on that, mine update usually via motion).
Can be a benefit (i.e. lights only turn on when someone is actually around) or limitation though.

Edit: here some documentation about it, frequency seems to be about once per hour

Oh sorry, right, I confounded that with the Aqara. I meant this one.
The Aqara one has a maximum of 1000 lx so it’s unsuited for outside use.

Does it work with the ZigBee binding for you ?

I have moved over to deCONZ, so I cannot really tell.

I’ll second the Aeotec- I have 3 of their Multisensor 6 units but I only capturing luminescence from one to automatically turn on or increase the brightness of a lamp when motion is detected (so I’m also using the motion sensor on the same unit). No issues at all since I got it in 2019.

MAX44009 inside of wired MegaD-WallMount-Sensor.

I have both an Aeotec multisensor and an Enocean ElTako light sensor.

A really good sensor that do survive blizzards, rainstorms and do work in more extreme temperatures is this one:

For the price one get a sensor that is made for outdoor use.
Even comes with stainless screws.

The MS 6 is a good indoor sensor as long as it is USB powered.