Lupus temperature sensor shows wrong temperature


I just added a new Lupus temperature sensor, but unfortunately openhab display a temperature of 25,79Β°C, which is approx. 5 degrees too high.

Can I be sure that the sensor is broken or is there any good way to debug, maybe even fix it?


With the (lack of) information you have provided? No. Look especially at #6 & 10.

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Thanks for the comment, would you have a suggestion for a good topic title? What are you exactly missing? It contains manufacturer, the hardware type, the problem occuring. Happy to add something.

Regarding #10, I’ll add some environment information, even when I’m not sure what the CPU or RAM is relevant for this topic. But I respect the board rules.

If you still could add a hint how to debug a temperature sensor, that would be highly appreciated. :wink:

things like
What version of openHAB?
What binding or protocol? A brand name is not sufficient.
Sometimes what OS / hardware platform is relevant.

You gave us nothing to advise with.

If the temp is consistently 5 degrees off then apply a temp offset of 5 degrees. You may can do this via PaperUI (click the more button to see all options) or use a rule with a proxy item to display the corrected temp.