Lutron API syncro problem

We have this problem, if we turn on or dimming a lamp using the openHab API (POST /items/{itemname}), the Lutron app immediately reflects the changes.
If we change the same lamp from the Lutron app the status riceved from the API call /items/{itemname}/state with openHab show always the previuos old status.

Did anyone know why and how to solve?

Thanks for yout time.

OpenHab version 3.0.1, Lutron HomeWorks, Lutron Binding 3.0.2

Hi. That should generally work, but you haven’t really supplied enough info to make a guess as to what might be wrong. Which bridge in the binding are you using? Is this for a recent HomeWorks QS system, or an older HomeWorks system?

It’s probably best to look at items within openHAB for debugging rather than trying to use the REST API, in order to eliminate issues specific to the REST API. You can also look at the events log and see if the Item is being updated when you turn a dimmer on or off. Next, you can turn on DEBUG or TRACE level logging for the binding to see the messages coming from the Lutron system.