Lutron Caseta Diva kit initial integration for OpenHAB dummies

Continuing the discussion from Lutron Caseta Support:

I assume this is the appropriate thread for discussion of mainstream Lutron Caseta troubles?

I got it running but as new user I had hiccups, hopefully this helps capture them for others as well as pave the way for my envisioned larger system as at the moment I don’t know how to find the IntegrationID?

I just bought DVRF-BDG-1D-C after seeing successes with Lutron on the forum. This kit is composed of one Diva dimmer and the non-pro hub. Opening the box I immediately hit the disappointment that it needs leapbridge integration. That wasn’t clear in the cursory review I did before the purchase. I’m glad it does serve an improvement to security; although I almost returned the kit over it (no workie…frustrated…trashcan).

Process was

  • install the official Lutron binding into Openhab 3.4.1 with the UI. Then
    Things-> {plus button}
  • find Lutron Binding
  • find lutron:leapbridge in the list
  • set it to IP my DHCP server was issuing the hub
  • create keystore file using instructions linked to by the binding documentation, but that didn’t work smoothly. installed toolkit linked on github at Configuring LEAP Authentication | openHAB I needed to run it from a newer ubuntu machine, the python scripts did not run on my Openhab host, or install cleanly (check your python version, both machines had python 3+)
  • ran pairing executable process from ~/.local/bin/ pairing then creating the keystore file for openahb (also at the openhab link above)
  • put that file in an arbitrary folder with permissions twiddled for openhab’s process to read it on the openhab host
  • now in the creation of the “lutron leap access point” in the openhab UI, entered the filesystem path to that keystore file, and the password that locks it down, which was entered as part of the three commands those instructions have, I replaced “secret” with something else
  • at some point I had an inbox entry in the Openhab UI for a leap access point that I let through
    add another “Thing” for the dimmer using…
  • drill via Lutron Binding-> Lutron Dimmer ->, enter integration ID of “2” and now it shows up “Online” in the things list
  • now select the “Thing” for the dimmer, and change tabs at the top of the window to tie it in to be controllable
  • then adding a chicklet to the UI for it to provide control

I know its work in progress and configured device discovery was softly described as not working on the Non-pro hub in the instructions. The wheels fell off when I didn’t have access to the IntegrationID, where are users with the non-pro hub obtaining this information from, the OEM Lutron app does not seem to provide it? I found the IntegrationID by brute force.