Lutron OH2 binding

If anyone is interested, I have a Lutron binding for OH2 available at I would be interested in getting feedback, especially if anyone is using something other than Radio Ra 2 (I’ve only tested it on Radio Ra 2).

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Cool! Do you plan to create a PR for it?

I can do that. I wasn’t sure if it needed some field testing first.

Thanks a lot! Feel free to continue on testing and add further commits to the PR for the moment. I will let you know as soon as I start with the review (won’t be before November as I’ll be travelling a lot the next weeks).

This is great. Thanks for doing this. I haven’t actually gotten in to OpenHab yet (it seems a bit complicated for a non-developer; I’ve viewed several of the videos and just haven’t seemed to be able to get started with it; lack of Lutron support was a reason).

So I will try to get OpenHab 2 working so i can play with this.

Just a few questions (requests) :smile:

Can you consider adding support for Shades? Sort of like a dimmer but a different item type.

Also, I have the multi-button keypads. I have some buttons that don’t do anything with Lutron but when that button is pressed my current HA system sees it and that triggers an action (starts or stops Sonos etc). Would that be something this plug in supports? I will try to get it working (I’m no expert with GitHub) and report back. If you’d like to see the output from my Lutron system (the telnet window) when I do certain actions (like raise or lower window shades) let me know.


Shades are definitely something I want to do. I just haven’t been able to get any shades.

For the keypads, that’s the idea. I don’t have anything else in my OH system so I haven’t tried it yet, and it may not work currently, but this use case is one of the main reasons to create a Lutron binding for me.

As commented on the PR, this is actually the way I would expect keypad integration to be: The keypad as a Thing that sends Commands to openHAB, which then can be used as a trigger for other functionality.

Shades work like dimmers: 100% lets all that light through (i.e. shades open). 0% = shades closed; no light.

If you add this I’ll be happy to test it (Assuming I can get OpenHab2 to work at all and can figure out how to get your plugin installed :).

I also have some phantom buttons in Lutron – buttons associated with the repeater device that do actions like put the lights into security mode (flashing for a period of time) etc. I suspect those would work same as the keypad buttons.

Lastly, have you thought about doing discovery where you contact the repeater over http and download the XML file? I know that could be a lot more work just throwing out a wish list to help make this a world-class plugin… I’d contribute but don’t really have the skill.

Thanks again

Ah, I didn’t know about DbXmlInfo.xml. Thanks for the info. I’ll look into it.

Ok I have OH2 working now (I can start/stop my Sonos players). If you can point me to some instructions on how to get your plugin working I’d be happy to test. I downloaded the org.openhab.binding.lutron folder, zipped it up, renamed it with a .jar extension and restarted OH2 but no luck…If there are instructions for this or generic instructions on how to load plugins from Github I’d appreciate it. Thanks

I have a couple caseta lights and pico remotes. Do I just need the smart bridge to start using this binding?

You will need to compile the binding. (Sorry if that’s what you already did; it’s not clear to me which lutron folder you zipped up.) There are instructions for doing a build at Setting up an IDE for openHAB 2. Probably easiest thing is to follow the Maven build at the bottom of that page. You will need Java and Maven installed.

If building yourself is out of the question, I could send you my build. Or you can wait until the binding is merged into the main repo. I believe at that point you would be able to download a build from cloudbees.

I believe Caseta doesn’t use the same integration API. My understanding is that there is no open API; you have to be an approved partner in order to integrate with it. I’d love to be proved wrong though.

I have no experience with Caseta but this thread looks positive:,26562.0.html

sort of implies a plugin for Vera written for RA2 working with Caseta.

Newbie question for you -

I’m planning to purchase an RA2 switch to play with this binding. Do I need to purchase some sort of RA2 bridge, or does this binding allow me to communicate directly with the switch itself?

Are you perchance referring to a Lutron switch you might find in a home improvement store? If so, those are not RA2 switches and would not work with the binding. Otherwise, if you’re planning on getting RA2, you will need a bridge (RA2 Main Repeater) as well as software to setup the RA2 system. You get the software after completing the RA2 training at I would suggest you do the training first before you commit to any hardware purchases.

Thanks. I was definitely referring to something you purchase through best buy. I’ll take a look at the training. If anyone has a bare minimum parts list, I would be very grateful!

HEre are some of the main RAdio RA2 pieces.

I’ve integrated Serena Shades and a Grafik Eye QS (including shade controls) into your code. While I understand Java, my knowledge of Git is pretty much novice level. How can I contribute the code? I’m using the eclipse OpenHab IDE.

Edit: I see you’ve already done Shades in your branch. Well, I could at least contribute the Grafik Eye. I didn’t make it very generic though. Now, that I’m thinking about it, it probably makes more sense to modify your Keypad, and add a keypad_type field, so we can support all types of keypads (i.e.those with more than 7 buttons, and specific component numbers).



In GitHub, you generate a pull request to contribute your code. This assumes you have pushed your changes up to your GitHub repository.

As for my changes for shades, it hasn’t been integrated into OH2. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to work on it. I don’t have any issue with you submitting your changes for shades.