Lutron RadioRA2 Keypad for Habpanel

Here is a widget for Habpanel I created to mimic a Lutron RadioRA2 keypad.
Lutron Keypad.widget.json (1.9 KB)

Set up to be easy to configure in Habpanel, just need to enter the keypad name and how many buttons are on the keypad.

Depends on a specific naming convention in the .items file containing the definition of each RadioRA2 keypad button. The widget uses the label in your .items files as the button label. The keypad title is taken from the label of the first LED switch item. Example .items below screenshots.


Example .items

//Living Room Keypad Buttons 
Switch LR_BDK_1     "Welcome"    {channel="lutron:keypad:01448E00:50:button1"}
Switch LR_BDK_2     "Evening"    {channel="lutron:keypad:01448E00:50:button2"}
Switch LR_BDK_3     "Back Door"  {channel="lutron:keypad:01448E00:50:button3"}
Switch LR_BDK_4     "Garage"     {channel="lutron:keypad:01448E00:50:button4"}
Switch LR_BDK_5     "Blind"      {channel="lutron:keypad:01448E00:50:button5"}
Switch LR_BDK_6     "All Off" 	 {channel="lutron:keypad:01448E00:50:button6"}

Switch LR_BDK_1_LED  "Back Door"   {channel="lutron:keypad:01448E00:50:led1"}  //This label is used to label the keypad in my Habpanel Widget
Switch LR_BDK_2_LED                {channel="lutron:keypad:01448E00:50:led2"}
Switch LR_BDK_3_LED                {channel="lutron:keypad:01448E00:50:led3"}
Switch LR_BDK_4_LED                {channel="lutron:keypad:01448E00:50:led4"}
Switch LR_BDK_5_LED                {channel="lutron:keypad:01448E00:50:led5"}
Switch LR_BDK_6_LED                {channel="lutron:keypad:01448E00:50:led6"}
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