Lutron RadioRA2 support

Hi all,

I am a new OpenHAB user. So new in fact that I am just preparing to install it. :wink:

I have a rather significant chunk of money invested into my home RadioRA 2 collection, and I’m wondering how “deeply” supported that product line is under OpenHAB.

I would venture to guess that it controlling my devices is implemented. What about programming them and their timeclocks? I have some .ra2 files that were used to design my lighting system under Inclusive but I do not have the software. As far as I can tell they are just XML files so I would think it wouldn’t be too difficult to massage them into some sort of software that can program them.

And if OpenHAB isn’t the thing to be using for programming, is there something that can substitute for Inclusion? Lutron is good stuff and I’ve been very happy with my purchase but I don’t particularly like the idea of buying their new bridge and potentitally being forced to upgrade to RadioRA 3.

You’ve seen the documentation of the Lutron binding ?

I had not. Thank you for pointing it out to me.

Under the section “Lutron RadioRA 2/HomeWorks QS/RA2 Select/Caseta Binding”, I take the statement “it has … been fully tested with RadioRA 2” to mean that I, personally, am in good shape (since I only have RadioRA 2 devices and none of the other products listed, including RadioRA 2 Select).

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Hi, yes, you should have no problems with RadioRA 2 support. I have a RA2 system myself, and I can’t think of any RA2 devices that aren’t supported right now except for the HVAC controller. If you do find a problem with a device, please let me know.

Configuring the RA2 main repeater is another matter. I don’t know of any 3rd party software that allows you to do that. You really need Lutron’s software for it. You don’t necessarily need the Inclusive software unless you have 2 main repeaters or some other less common devices that are only supported by Inclusive. You should be able to use the more easily available programming software that you can get by signing up and going through their on-line training.

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Hey Bob, thanks for sharing the finer nuances of OpenHAB.

As luck would have it, I do actually have 2 Main Repeaters, so it sounds like I do need Inclusive. I’m also looking at possibly getting an LMJ-5T-DV-B in the near future. Any idea if this would be covered under “dimmers”? Is there a list of supported devices somewhere?

The LMJ-5T-DV-B dimmer should work without any problems. It should show up as an OUTPUT of type ZERO_TO_TEN, and so should also be auto-discovered.

If you have a system with 2 main repeaters, or to use RF modules like the LMJ-5T-DV-B, you unfortunately do need the “Inclusive” version of the Lutron software for system programming. Note that this isn’t true if you have one main repeater and one or more auxiliary repeaters (RR-AUX-REP). Only if you have 2 main repeaters (RR-MAIN-REP) that are linked together over the network.

I believe the binding should work with a system with two main repeaters without problems, but I don’t know for sure if it’s been tested before. Let me know if you run in to any issues. I think you should just need to use one bridge thing pointed at your first main repeater. Worst case you may need to use two bridge things, one for each main repeater. If you can let me know how you get it to work I will update the docs.

It sounds like you have a lot of devices, so if on the off chance you have one that isn’t auto-discovered by the binding, you should see a warning message in your log that says something like “Unrecognized device type XXXX” or “Unrecognized output type XXXX”. Please send that message to me so I can add it to the auto-discovery code. This is pretty uncommon now for RA2 systems, but still happens once in a while for HomeWorks QS.

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