Lutron smart bridge pro, where to start?

Hey guys, I just picked up a lutron smart bridge pro and a couple dimmer switches and pico remotes. From what I’ve read it is possible to get them working with openhab via the telnet ability of the hub.

So I’ve started by installing the lutron binding via HABmin>Configuration>Extentions>Bindings
and installing the lutron Binding.

I then loaded up the lutron app and e-mail myself a copy of the integration report.

Then I proceeded to read the documentation for the lutron binding, but there isn’t really a guide to do this there or I’m not understanding it.

So poking around I clicked over to HABmin>Configuration>Things
I clicked the little + icon that means add thing, clicked lutron binding, clicked Lutron IP Acess point (I think this is the option I need, but again not in the documentation)

It asks for the UID and has a string like:

The problem is, this UID isn’t in the integration report and I don’t know where else to find it.
Am I missing a step here?

And now I’ve hit a wall and I don’t understand the documentation.

What Am I supposed to do next to get OpenHAB to talk to the hub?

I am running OpenHABian on a RPI2 OH2 v2.1.0-1

Update, I found This:

I’m readin it now.