Luxtronik1 Binding (beta)

Luxtronik1 Binding (beta)

Hi Community!

I created a binding for the Heating and Heat Pump Controller Luxtronik version 1.
This controller can be connected via the serial port. The controller was produced until 2008 and sold until 2009. It was used by different vendors: Alpha Innotec, Novelan, Siemens

This binding is not compatible with the Luxtronik version 2 which is connected via ethernet! Use the “LuxtronikHeatpump Binding” (or “Novelan Heatpump Binding” in openHAB < V3.0) for that controller:

This binding is mainly based on the posts from user swenga at
Also multiple post from other members helped me identifying protocol commands.
A little kickstarter was the Perl based binding by Thomas Hörndlein:

The development and active testing is going on since August 2018. There where several heavy code changes since. I somehow managed to loose the code for the OH 2.5 version, but a working jar is still available.
The main reason it took me so long to publish were several SD Card wearouts that frustrated me always for months. Hope the mirroring feature prevents me from the total data loss. (I’m no going to bother using the confusing Amanda backup)

As you have to open your heatpump’s case and plug a serial cable directly onto the circuit board, you should be very careful. The production for this board ended around 2009 - don’t fry it up! Also: always switch off all fuses (controller board, heat pump, heating rod, …). There is a short article from the FHEM guys:

The connection was working fine with a standard 10 meter serial cable (not selfmade) and a Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port PL2303 for the last 3.5 years now. But it should also work with a serial to ethernet adapter.

I developed and tested this binding with a “Siemens HLW 6M Solar” with firmware version 2.33. The version number is important, as there was a change for at least one return value from the controller with version 2.40. That is taken into account in the code by not tested on real machines.

I did not implement all features of the controller, though I dug deep in the telegram communication. The notes taken are a good base for further developement. Have a look at the on github for details.

If you run your openHAB installation on a linux machine and are using more than one USB device, you might want to ad an alias for you serial device: serial-port-configuration

If someone is willing to test or use the binding, please leave a comment. I’m happy to hear about your experiences!

  • The current version of the binding can be found in the release section on github (and in this post)
  • I also put the older 2.5-version of this binding releases section - but be aware, that the code base is different!
  • I’m opening a pull request and add the binding to the marketplace once there where a view beta testers that reported back
  • There is a debug channel in this binding which you can use to test (new) commands with you device
  • I’m a bad git user - prepare for commit chaos :slight_smile:
  • Wenn Bedarf besteht, schreibe ich diese Informationen gerne auch nochmal Deutsch zusammen

Ressources at

working branch at

Thanks for posting! Hopefully lots of people will find it useful.

This would probably be best posted to the Marketplace which would allow users to find and install it through MainUI.

If not, Bindings - openHAB Community is probably a better category to post this. The Development category is intended for discussions about development of OH, not a place to post stuff you have developed.

@rlkoshak thanks for the heads up and quick reply!
I wanted to wait for a view people to test it, before I post to the marketplace.

Mark it with the alpha or beta tag and it will be OK. That’s what those tags are for, to indicate it might not yet be ready for prime time. It will make it easier for people to test it and be less work for you in the long run. :wink:

Hello Marco,

you have found your first user via the marketplace :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have an AlphaInnotec Heatpump with Luxtronik1 Interface.
As there was no binding available i already looked into alternatives, and ended up creating my own solution based on and mqtt.

But I will definitely test your binding as soon as I can get a Serial-Connection into my OpenHAB-Docker-Installation.

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@mal thanks for creating this! I am using successfully with an Alpha-InnoTec SWC 120/S installed in Ireland. It’s a bit of a lifesaver since my Lux1 control unit has an intermittent fault where the display and control knob just stop working from time to time, so this is now my main means of control for the unit. I had found the RS232 port and was just doing very low level commands using minicom, this is much nicer!

I’ve found a couple of bugs if you’re interested…

@blacksheep wow! I’m happy someone else is using the binding - ans is happy with it! :smiley:

Please send me all bugs you stumble upon. I try to fix fast.

@mal PM sent

@mal Thanks a lot for this very helpful addon!
It’s great that I can control now our old ait heat pump remotely via the internet.

It’s working great under openhab3, but after the update to 4 it’s failing.

Will there be an updated addon?

Thanks again for your efforts.

Just updated successfully to v4.
Looks stable to me.

Uploaded my test version for v4.
Not sure how this works with the marketplace, have v3 and v4 in the first thread…