[LuxtronikHeatpump] missing temperatureHeatingLimit channel

i am using the LuxtronikHeatpump binding v.3.3.0 and i am missing the temperatureHeatingLimit
channel on my thing configuration site. Also if i clicked “show advanced”.
The readme describes, that the binding provides this channel.

Is it possible that my heatpump doesn`t support this channel or is there something wrong with the binding?

Best regards!

@sgiehl @ChaosKid42 do you have any hints for me?

That is outdors temperature to stop heating right?
I was able to set this channel on OH admin panel, so it may work if you can change that in heatpump controller manually or in heatpump web gui. Check there if paramerter exists,

What heatpump model you have? And firmware vresion?