[LuxtronikHeatpump] missing temperatureHeatingLimit channel

i am using the LuxtronikHeatpump binding v.3.3.0 and i am missing the temperatureHeatingLimit
channel on my thing configuration site. Also if i clicked “show advanced”.
The readme describes, that the binding provides this channel.

Is it possible that my heatpump doesn`t support this channel or is there something wrong with the binding?

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@sgiehl @ChaosKid42 do you have any hints for me?

That is outdors temperature to stop heating right?
I was able to set this channel on OH admin panel, so it may work if you can change that in heatpump controller manually or in heatpump web gui. Check there if paramerter exists,

What heatpump model you have? And firmware vresion?

i can set the heating limit in the controller.
i have a novelan lad7 with fw 2.86

I suspect that your controller stores this setting at diferent channel number. You have quite new firmware.
I have 1.x firmware maybe 2.x is a bit out of order.
On openhab 2.5 i also dont see that channel but on openhab 3.2 i did, i still mainly use 2.5. But can spin up oh3 to confirm what channel number is my setting at.

I wish i would know how to get raw message out of the binding but i dont. Maybe by increasing log level.

I think you may be able to capture the dataframe with wireshark if you have a hub laying around to sniff into traffic to see on which index there is the value, than change it on controller and observe.

One thing of note: I really dont like to mess with this value and leave it disabled as heatpump still seems to like to try heating in cold summer days but than again not heat on warm fall days, it lacks the compensation for house heat inertia.

As your easy fix, I turn heating to off or auto via OH rule based on average temperature of rooms inside or long 2-3 day average of T outside. It seems heatpump is to fast at deciding on actual T outside.


currently i cannot write any mode to the heatpump (Luxtronik v.2.88.3). I dont know if it is the binding with openhab 4 or the latest update v2.88.3. Does anybody know if the read/write permissions changed by latest firmware updates?
@holgerf you did the latest changes on the binding. Do you know anything about the issue or can you test it?

@sgiehl is code owner of this binding and did the implementation. I did some changes to modernize code in the add-ons repo, not specifically for this binding (hopefully not breaking anything). I cannot test as I don’t own such a device.

Commit history

@rafael_09 What channels exactly are you trying to write? For me and my heatpump everything still works normally with openHAB 4

I’m trying to write the channels heatingMode and hotWaterMode. They’re number channels and a change of the item affects nothing on the heat pump side. After the thing refresh period the old values will be restored.

When you’re out of any issues it has to be the firmware update I think, right? Did you try the latest update?

Is there anything that I can debug?

I’m running firmware V2.86.0. Setting heating or hotWater mode works without problems there.
I actually don’t have plans to update the firmware as everything runs without problems here…

You could maybe check if the value of the channel changes when you change the mode manually on your heatpump.

I have SW version 3.88.0 and no problem to set the values. Did you restart? I had - for whatever reason - frequent silent connection loss (by means the binding still thinks the connection is there but the heatpump does not communicate) between the binding and the heatpump.