Mac OS X + x10


I’ve been running Indigo on a Mac mini for the last 10 years and am making the switch to openHAB-2.4. I’ve got Z-wave, etc. up and running but am struggling to figure out how to make my X10 devices work. I see reference to the mochad binding for Linux and some hints on the web that it can be edited to run under OS X. Does anyone have experience using mochad on OS X or suggested alternatives to get X10 working in openHAB with a Mac server? Any insights greatly appreciated!!


Unfortunately I don’t have and advice for your specific problem. But I’m going to move this to the Add-ons category where perhaps it will get the attention of someone who can. Unfortunately, X10 is not as popular of a technology among OH users but there are a few around.

If you end up failing to find a way to make it work on the Mac mini, I know that many have been successful running Mochad binding on RPis.