Maco mtronic with Enocean

Dear all,

did some of you already test the Maco mtronic window sensor?
Activating TeachIn adds a Generic Thing EEP A5-14-0A.

Reading out the sensor via DolphinView gives correct ID and Code and 4 different Data depending on the opening state of the window:
xx.xx.xx.08 for closed window
xx.xx.xx.0E for open window
xx.xx.xx.0A for tilted window
xx.xx.xx.0F for alarm (opening sequence from closed and tilt window only)
xx.xx.xx.?? for low battery, haven’t gone into details yet…!
Sounds very interesting as a reliable (battery powered) and permanent burglar alarm.
The only thing i am struggling with is how to read out the different Data (i.e. opening states) and use it in Openhab for showing opening states and possible alarming…

Any recommendations are highly appreciated… :wink:

Thanks in advance

I have created

Dear Stefan,

thanks a lot for integrating A5-14-0A.

Looking forward to the testing in 2.5M3…!!


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Sorry, forgit to give feedback:
works like a charm, again THX.

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