Magic Binding [;

The Magic Binding is a virtual device binding which provides different Things, Channels and supporting functionality for easy UI testing.

You can find the source code in the openhab-core repository.

There is also a Magic Binding for openHAB 3 in the Marketplace.

Supported Things

Thing Type Name Description
magic:action-module Magic ActionModule Thing A Thing with an ActionModule
magic:bridgedThing Magic Bridged Thing A magic bridged thing.
magic:button Magic Button A button triggering different events.
magic:chatty-thing Magic ChattyThing A thing that periodically sends data.
magic:color-light Magic Light - Color A dimmable light with changeable colors.
magic:configurable-thing Magic Configurable Thing A thing that can be configured.
magic:contact-sensor Magic Sensor - Door/Window Contact A door/window sensor indicating an open/close status.
magic:delayed-thing Magic Delayed Online Thing A thing that goes online after some time.
magic:dimmable-light Magic Light - Dimmable A dimmable light
magic:dynamic-state-description Magic DynamicStateDescription Thing A Thing with a DynamicStateDescription
magic:extensible-thing Magic Light - Extensible A generic light thing with extension channels
magic:firmware-update Magic Firmware Updatable Thing A thing which allows updating its firmware
magic:image Magic Image A thing providing an image
magic:location-thing Magic Location A location thing providing a location channel.
magic:magic-bridge1 Magic Bridge 1 The 1st magic bridge
magic:magic-bridge2 Magic Bridge 2 The 2nd magic bridge
magic:online-offline Magic Online Offline An online/offline toggle thing
magic:onoff-light Magic Light - On/Off A on/off light
magic:player Magic Player Thing A media player
magic:rollershutter Magic Rollershutter Thing A rollershutter
magic:thermostat Magic Thermostat A thermostat for set point temperature and current temperature.