Magic Controller SP108E

Today I received a controller for my APA102 led strip: SP108E (
I quickly tried the wifiled binding, which I use for my other led (a 3528 strip), but can’t get it to work.
Is this supposed to work, or is this a complete different setup/approach?

I’ve found some info on the Tasmota hithub:

You’ll to flash the tasmota firmware on the controller
That page you linked to will tell you how to do that

The linked page says it’s a work in progress, and untested. If anyone figures this out please advise. I’ve got one of these and have had no luck getting it into station mode using WPS on my router. The app has no diagnostics and almost no feedback. Anyone having luck with these?

So you already flashed it? Mine non flashed is working great.

No, I haven’t tried flashing it, and can’t get the app to work correctly in AP or STA modes. I only managed to get it to ask for the WPS pin code once but it didn’t connect. Since then it will not ask for the pin again, and it never showed up on the DHCP list, so it isn’t in STA mode. Which phone app are you using?


I’m using this one:

Same one here - no joy. If anyone has an idea how to flash the unit that would be great.

Tried an older phone. Now AP mode works, but I can’t figure out how to enable STA mode. I’m following the video here: but there is no verbal to confirm what’s happening exactly. After the wifi password is entered, should the WPS button on the router be pressed, and PIN code entered on the phone afterwards?

Finally got it to work in STA mode. I’m not sure which combination of events made it work, so I won’t be able to document for anyone else :frowning: Next I’ll try out the binding.

Ward, are you using your SP108E with the Wifi Led binding? It’s asking for a controller type (LD686 or LD382). Which worked for you? I’ve had no luck connecting or with auto discovery.

I tried them all, but it’s not working. Maybe I can help the developer with some network tracing. The controller also contains an ESP module

I left a msg at the developer’s website but haven’t heard anything back. I bought an ESP8266 nodemcu and am having some success with @bartus code with a few modifications. I don’t recommend anyone reading this use the SP108E other than for testing until someone hacks it. Even from Aliexpress it was more expensive than the ESP route.

Hy. I had the same problem, it would not sign in to the wifi network. The solution worked for me is that I did all the actions in one round, this way I cannot tell you which part is responsible for my success. So the tricks:
-set your roter to work only at 2.4ghz. 5ghz off.
-set your network name to have no white spaces
-the key element, find at least one more phone, and try connecting the same time.

I’ve tried the two above, it didn’t work out, but with the last one I’ve succeeded. fyi: start the ledshop app on 2-3 phones, follow the instructions, when you reattach the power plug to the controller, start the synchronization at the same time from both, or all of your phones.

Hope it helped.

Hi Peter

did you or someone else get a connection between the SP108e and openhab?

I can control everything via the phone app, but I want to control it via openhab.

The problem with the phone app is, that you can only choose between static, and something in a loop. What I want ist something to start up (eg stack up) and then stay static.

Would this scenario be achievable?

I have this controller also, but it’s working in another way as the Magic Home controllers (
I’m now testing with WLED ( this is working fine with HTTP request API, but I’m having some issues with flickering.
I’m thinking of buying another controller (eg This one will probably work with the wifiled binding or is flashable with Tasmota.

already tried that one?

BTW H803WF works fine with WLED, however pricing is higher than your proposed part

Yes, this controller is working fine with openHAB :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply
working as well with WLED firmware or the original one?

I didn’t flashed the controller. I use WLED on a separate NodeMCU. WLED can be controller via http calls.