Magic Home Led WiFi controller problems


i got a Problem with the MagicHome Led WiFi Controller…
i use the app magichome and find the device.
Connect everything and it works for a couple minutes/hours.
After a while the app says device offline and I can‘t control it anymore.
If I reset everything and connect the led controller to my router Again it works again only for a couple minutes or hours.
Does anybody has the same problems?

Thanks a lot

The problem is not related to openHAB…
But maybe you have too many devices connected to WiFi and your router is dropping devices
Your Magic home connects then after a few minutes for example another device asks for a connection and the router will drop the Magic home to make that connection.
How many wifi connection can your router maintain at any one time?

I got the same problem. All devices are corrected but only for a few mins or sometimes it shows offline. I have about 27 devices. Please suggest how to fix it. Thanks :pray:t2: