MagicHome Wifi LED controller problems

Dear Everyone!

Does anyone else use this kind of device? I have some and I found that if you send color commands to the controller while the ON/OFF switch of the controller is OFF, it will not set the color to the desired one… it will use the last one when it was powered ON… this is really annoying, because the controller is always connected to WIFI and it is not going into some kind of sleep or anything… It just not let you change colors while it is OFF.

I’m using the original firmware. My question is, does someone use Tasmota for this device? Does it solve this kind of problem?


Yes it does

Thanks, I’ll try it!

I have a couple of these, flashed them with the Tasomota firmware. The seem to work well with it.

I’m having issues with the rules for the colour picker side on openHAB (ID10T issues I think).