Magnetic contact

Hi everyone, I hope to post this question in the right session …
At home I have all the windows with magnetic contact
the cables arrive where the burglar alarm unit was not installed.
The question is: is there an interface or a low cost device maybe wifi that
brings me back the windows openhab status?

You can easily connect any dry contacts via ESP8266 and Tasmota or ESPEasy firmware. Connection to openHAB is established via MQTT.
Or use the Universal Binary Input device for Zwave.

I have a similar setup. Is there an optimal choice between ESP8266 and Universal Binary Input Device when you have magnetic contacts already installed, but you have an outlet box with only a power cable for an absent security system controller?

It depends on if you need to sense individual magnetic contacts or just if any of them have been triggered.

For the Fibaro: it provides only one input, you can wire all your contacts in parallel, but are not able to sense any individual contacts. But you don’t need to solder. And don’t forget the costs of a Zwave Controller. Input power needs to be between 9 and 30 volts DC.

For the ESP: it has several inputs and therefore is able to sense if individual contacts are triggered. But you need to solder a bit. Input voltage is either 3.3 volts DC for a bare ESP or 5 volts DC for a nodemcu or similar version (which I highly recommend as it is easer to flash with new firmware)

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Take a look at MCP23017 modules. You may connect them directly to a raspberry running openhab. And there is a binding for this IC

ready made, you don’t need the relays but gives 8 digi inputs

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