MailControl Binding in RPI

I am trying to implement MailControl in my RPI running OpenHabian latest version. However, I couldn’t find a proper tutorial for this. I tried searching on Google for hours but with no luck.
The best I can get is the Wiki page for MailControl but how can I install that (I am not very good at linux commands but still can try if some one can help me).
I tried using APT-Get but don’t know from where I can get the sources for this. Also, if I use APT-Get, are all dependencies will automatically download?

Please guide me to right direction.

Thanks in advance.

link to the wiki please

maybe you are confusing the MailControl Binding with another piece of software?
There is no apt-get installation to be done for the MailControl Binding to work in OH2. It’s just an addon that needs configuration, no additional external software (other than an smpt server of course :))

By the way: Are you sure that you want to be able to control OH2 Items using email? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. Yes, that could be a possibility that I am getting confused with the below link:

Well, I am on OH 2.4 S#1411 and I can’t find this legacy binding in my system as an option to install it from PaperUI.

It is a very old binding (from 2015) that allows you to control items in OH2 by processing incoming emails (a bit awkward if you ask me)

Maybe you want to consider another method to control your OH2 system? IFTT is one (much more modern) option.

Ps: You are looking at the right place. Although I should send you to , the older wiki has the same info.

Let me have a look in this.

I forgot a T :slight_smile:

It really depends on what you want to achieve… There are many methods to remotely control OH2

Thanks for the links :slight_smile:

This last reply to this tpic was 6 months ago I know but I don’t understand one point.
Why in the Mail Actions we just propose the sendMail function ?
Depending IFTTT is a way but maybe not a good target…
I prefere using native target addons actions instead of implementing new links with IFTTT…
My opinion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think it’s a good way to propose functions like "searchMail(subject,string_to_search) or readMail options in a complement way of the current addon Mail.
Is someone work on this subject ?
I didn’t find any work on this.
I’m sure it could be usefull.

If someone has an idea for this subject it can help me.
I discover there is a binding “mail” in github but I haven’t it in 2.4.0 : there is only mail in “actions”.
So my new question is : is mail must be an action or a binding ?

If I want to impleemnt new functions in the mail (there is only sendMail for now) must I propose to modify the “action” mail or a binding “mail”.
It’s a big confusion for me.