Mails with backup report (amanda) stopped working

i’ve setup up amanda backup on openhabian install and i got the backup information every day via email.
this stopped some day ago and i don’t really know why. amanda backup still runs every day/night but the mails aren’t in my inbox anymore.
i guess there’s something wrong with exim, but i’m not sure how i can check(fix) that.
any ideas?

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There was a recent change with Gmail where they eliminated support for less secure apps. If you are using gmail, you’ll need to enable two-factor auth on your Google login and set up an app password. Then you’ll need to adjust your exim config to use that app password. See How to configure the Mail Binding to use GMail for sending email from openHAB

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Thank you Rick! I’m not using the openHAB Mail Binding but your info about the eliminated support for less secure apps was the right hint! (there was even a warning in my gmail inbox - but i don’t use that inbox so i missed it…)
activated 2FA, created an app password and changed /etc/exim4/passwd.client. test went fine!