Main UI custom widgets Modal Page or widget dialog/selection

Hi guys,

I couldn’t find anything in the search.

I’m trying to get my first widget done, but I’m unable to figure out how to get the “Modal Page or Widget” selection dialog.

The picture above is an example of the OH-Image-Card.
But like I said I’m unable to get the “Modal Page or Widget” selection dialog.
Does anybody knows what the key word for the “context:” is ?

    - context: action
      name: action
      label: Action
    *- context: actionmodalconfig*
*      name: actionModalConfig*
*      label: modal*

Best regards

The key word widget will get you the list of custom widgets and page will get you a list of all the pages. In this case, however, there’s an added detail. You can get both a list of widgets and pages at the same time but the values have to be in an array:

- context:
  - widget
  - page