Main UI Label Card completely white (unreadable) in dark theme


Standard Main UI Label Cards with white background and black text gets completely white when Openhab app goes to dark mode. The text goes white and the white label background stays unchanged making the text unreadable. Is there a way to change the dark mode behaviour or is the only way to not use white as a background from the beginning?

White will be the background color by default unless you change it; there is no need to set the background to white. If you have explicitly configured white as the background color then dark-mode will not override that setting. If you do not specify a background color then dark-mode will change the default white to a dark-mode appropriate grey.

Oh thank you! Of course. I had a label which changed color depending on the Items state and I explicitly set white for one of the states. Removed that and now it works. Thank you! :blush: