Main UI layout pages: colspan or rowspan possible?

OH 3.0.1 layout pages.

OK, I can create a grid, but what about rowspan and colspan?

Such things are possible with HABPanel. Is it possible with Main UI without creating custom widgets?

Example from HABPanel:


I was just about to ask this question…

As I understand, no, it’s not possible. When I started, I tried this a lot, but didn’t find anything to make it work. It’s probably why habpanel is still supported, it’s a good solution for a FIXED resolution display. The new components are way better for “responsive” design though. Check out the masonry containers, they work very flawlessly for even small displays like phones and in the browser at the same time.

One does not rule out the other. For example Bootstrap is responsive and at least has colspan.

Yes of course, I was just generally speaking of what seems possible in OH3 now.

So for now, it’s possible by using widgets?

Within a widget, you could do it yes. But it seems, there is no such thing as a colspan, but you can just define another row in a row, add two cols there, and another one outside of the row (but still within the first row).