Main UI - main_widget - Part 6 - The Security Card [3.3.0;3.4.9) Hopelessly Lost

I have tried playing around with this widget and found that my knowledge is not where i thought it was. I have read different posts on this widget and I noticed that there are some things that are not clear hence the adoption of the 6-part widget is not for the faint-hearted. The documentation appears to be lacking or not clear. I have installed this widget security so that I could make it part of my DSC implementation. After 3 days of continuous effort, I finally got it to show the sensor items. I am not able to figure out why after entering the pin, nothing happens except get an error in the log.

Just like the topic on the same issue, i am now thinking modding the code so that i can be able to arm or disarm my alarm. The two widgets have thoroughly challenged abilities. my challenges seems to be similar to those faced by @ stamate_viorel.

Just a few comments

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  • Your screenshot shows missing items, please check if you have defined all needed ones.
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If you have questions regarding those widget series, why did you not ask in the according topic, instead of just complaining in a new one?

Please note that development for openHAB 3 on these widgets has stopped and a new version for openHAB 4 will be published under a new name.

Noted and apologies, Im probably very confused at the moment, i think i branched off where you advised someone to open a new thread and assumed that applied to me as well. I created the all groups that i thought i saw in the trails. I searched for the groups and created those i saw referenced.

should i continue here?

You can continue here, no problem. We ask to open new topics when questions come up that do not completely fit into the original topic.

To elaborate a bit more on your first post.
The security widget was never meant to be a complete security system, but just a „simple“ way to arm or disarm your alarm system, secured with a pin code.
It also should give you a quick overview over some security relevant item states, like windows, doors, cameras.

This all is still valid for the upcoming openHAB 4 version, which will include some performance tweaks and a complete restyling of the equipment widgets.

Thank you. I have installed the security widget with the code that you stated that it was standalone which should work with OH4. I also installed the Keyboard security widget. On the main security widget, there are 3 properties that can be set, which are the security group, securitymode and security pin. for the security, i created the following groups
a group called gMainHouseSecurity. This group contains all my door, window and motion sensors. This is the group linked to SecurityGroup. I created another group called gDoorsOpen, contains all door sensors. Another called gWindowsOpen for all windows. and last one motionDetected for all motion sensors.
On Keypad input, i could not see any direct configurable items, it appears to me that the widget is controlled in the main security card widget. On DSC the partition1_Arm_Mode is mirrored to a StringItem updated via rules. The string Item has 3 states,armed-away, armed-home and disarm. This stringItem is linked to SecurityMode. I cannot figure out how the security card is supposed to arm and disarm using the keypad. I can arm manually from my alarm app and the card will reflect it. From within OH, i cannot arm or disarm or figure out how to validate the pin and activate the alarm

Ok, so let’s try to solve your issue.

The ScurityCard Widget needs two config pams

      label: Security Mode
      name: securityMode
      label: Security PIN
      name: referencePIN

When embedding this widget into a page and enter the widget config, you should enter your items holding this information.
When you press one of the security mode buttons, the keypad widget opens as a popup.
After entering the correct pin, compared to the above mentioned Item, the state of the “securityMode” Item will be changed according to your button press.

This is not necessary, door and window contacts are included in respective groups

Are you saying the reference pin is linked to an item whose value is supposed numeric holding the Pin

Thank you. that flow for Keypad works. How can I compare that value which is stored in a thing. On the DSC binding, there is a thing called Panel that holds the PIN in its config, the pin is hidden away from view. I know its easy to create and keep an item.

How does success from keypad now link back to activating/deactivating

You cannot work with Things directly, only with items.

No, the PIN, even it is numeric, is a string item.

you are now my newest favourite celebrity :grinning: Its now working.

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Well, glad it is working for you.
I am no celebrity, just the guy who coded the logic behind the widget :wink: