Main UI not accessible after Android System WebView update

Hi all
I’m running OH 3.4.5 on Debian Linux
I’m running OH android application on my Cross Call tablet, setting a remote server to connect with my openHAB cloud account.

Everything worked great until yesterday.
Then, this morning I’ve noticed that the sitemaps are running as usual but I cannot acces main UI anymore. After checking the last updates performed on my tablet, I saw that ‘Android System WebView’ update was just installed yesterday!

Could it be related ?
Is there a way to consult a kind of log console from android, to get more information on what is blocking the main ui from working correctly ?
Moreover, everything works fine on OH desktop version and on my mobile phone too…I’m just having issues on the tablet.

Thank you for your help!

As additional information :
I had to reinstall OH android app on my tablet to be able to use it again, after the Android System WebView update.

I was able to reproduce the bug on another tablet, which brings me to the conclusion that new versions of Android System WebView could trigger a bug on Main UI processing on OH Android…I’m wondering if it is an ‘already-know’ issue but I haven’t found any post on this topic yet

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I haven’t seen this bug before. The app uses the WebView component for Main UI, so it might make sense that an update introduces this bug. AFAIK we can’t do much about it in the app.

Thank you anyway for your feedback @mueller-ma !

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@mueller-ma Ok so does something have to change in OpenHab itself then??? Cause this is only going to continue to be an issue y’all can’t just say not my issue and shrug this off. My phone has been unable to use Main UI for months and I just got a new tablet and it can’t use Main UI either.

Ignoring the issue cause “we can’t do much” is insane soon this we be a problem for more people then not. At the very least can one of you with a working WebView version at least post the damn version number that works so that we can try to hunt down the apk?!?

Currently not a single version of WebView from the app store works!! I have installed the stock version, beta, dev and even Canary. The fact that not ONE of the four available versions works kinda makes the android app COMPLETELY useless… I can’t remember the last time I used old school Sitemaps and I’m not starting again now!

Did you try if MainUI is working in the browser of that device ?
If not, there is an issue with WebView/VueJS.
And this would definitely be out of openHAB.
Good thing is, there is progress to update the used VueJS version used by MainUI….

You’re ignoring the fact there must be more to it than just Webview version. I don’t remember ever having any Main UI issues on either device I’ve used the OH app with (OnePlus 6 running LineageOS 20 → Android 13, Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e → Android 11, Redmi Note 9S → Android 11, Pixel 8 → Android 14), so it’s probably some problem in the interaction of the Webview component and your specific page setup.
FWIW, the Webview version on the device I’m currently using (Pixel 8) is 121.0.6167.143.


Ya it runs like a dream in Firefox of course but I just popped open Chrome and at least with Canary chrome is good as well (chrome uses WebView correct?)

All I know is in the over half a dozen places I’ve seen this reported it ALWAYS gets blamed on WebView and the person replying more or less with “ie its not our problem” or “we can’t fix it” which is the least productive responses I’ve ever seen from this community.

At least yall replies show an ounce of an attempt to find a deeper issue haha.

So my WebView is 121.0.6167.143 on both my Pixel 5 (Android 14) and my new Lenovo M10 Plus (Android 13) but both can only load Main UI (any part of it settings, info not just my main layout) for a second quite literally then it will show this.

Ok, so it does not be a WebView issue, as @maniac103 reports it running with exactly the same version like yours.
Can you please share your complete settings in the app.

The other way around: WebView uses Chrome('s rendering engine).

The problem is: it’s maybe not (seen as) productive, but it’s true: as WebView largely is a black box to app developers, there’s only very little chance of debugging why something doesn’t work, especially if it both works with Chrome and on the developer’s device.

Can you share the app log (accessible under app settings)? If that view is shown, there should be something in the app log. Shot in the dark: maybe mixed http/https content?

I can understand that BUT as we are seeing here jumping to conclusions and calling it a day doesn’t solve problems. WebView may be a closed box but as it turns out hey maybe it’s not WebView at all OR very likely it is but only in certain situations! This community is my preference over others in the smart home space as we usually work together to find true causes at the very least if we can’t come up with solutions. This in turn often leads to us coming up with creative “solutions” that work around some of the road blocks closed ecosystems introduce to such a project!

I’d love to but I can’t seem to get a small enough log haha.

Clearing the log, backing out of the menu and picking MainUI. For it to load once then immediately error out, might be short enough but to get the app UI back I need to reload the page and quickly hit the “exit” button in the top right. This returns to the default app sadly when it errors out like this no gestures seem to bring up the apps UI so that you can do anything other then refresh. So I do that to get to the log page but it complains the log is to large to share.

I’ve tried about a dozen times now and sadly I also tried manually copying chunks small enough for the clipboard but that has been a nightmare and I keep losing my place. I was surprised a standard save log option wasn’t there. Relying on the Share button unsurprisingly appears to be limited by what will fit the clipboard. Are these logs out put anywhere in the filesystem? I tried to track them down if they are but can’t find them ore any reference to where they’d be for the android app.

I’m going to try and sum up my settings for @hmerk at the very least for now. But let me know if there is a better way to get that full log without copying/sharing it.

I blanked out 90% of the ip but that part doesn’t matter to this it loads.

No, they aren’t. The only other alternative is connecting the phone to a PC via USB, enabling developer options and running adb logcat. The exact steps differ depending on the OS you’re running…I can try to help with the setup, but you’d need to share details about the OS on your PC.

Sadly I don’t thing so I just did some digging through my Things cause I do have a Webcam feed from the IpCamera Binding but it’s http as well. Only thing in my entire setup running https atm appears to be my Google Calander loaded through the iCalander binding but that’d be done in the background and shouldn’t be effecting the page loading as my MainUI is displaying a string item not the actually source https calender the binding turns into string channels.

Oh easy! Ok I’ll do that later tonight I just finished making some food. Both my phone and tablet are on android and my machines are on Windows 11 but I should be pretty good. I setup adb on all my windows machines and the tablets rooted. If it is as simple as that it should be easy. Should I run it before or after starting the openhab app? ie is it dumping the last log or starting an active log view?

Nice :+1: For starters, running adb logcat -s AbstractWebViewFragment:V, then opening the app until the error message appears should suffice. I just noticed we sadly don’t log JS Log messages (we need to change that), but maybe we’ll see something from the existing log lines already.