Main UI not accessible after Android System WebView update

Hi all
I’m running OH 3.4.5 on Debian Linux
I’m running OH android application on my Cross Call tablet, setting a remote server to connect with my openHAB cloud account.

Everything worked great until yesterday.
Then, this morning I’ve noticed that the sitemaps are running as usual but I cannot acces main UI anymore. After checking the last updates performed on my tablet, I saw that ‘Android System WebView’ update was just installed yesterday!

Could it be related ?
Is there a way to consult a kind of log console from android, to get more information on what is blocking the main ui from working correctly ?
Moreover, everything works fine on OH desktop version and on my mobile phone too…I’m just having issues on the tablet.

Thank you for your help!

As additional information :
I had to reinstall OH android app on my tablet to be able to use it again, after the Android System WebView update.

I was able to reproduce the bug on another tablet, which brings me to the conclusion that new versions of Android System WebView could trigger a bug on Main UI processing on OH Android…I’m wondering if it is an ‘already-know’ issue but I haven’t found any post on this topic yet

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I haven’t seen this bug before. The app uses the WebView component for Main UI, so it might make sense that an update introduces this bug. AFAIK we can’t do much about it in the app.

Thank you anyway for your feedback @mueller-ma !

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