Main UI rule runs when click edit/save rule if trigger is set to "when system has reached level 70"

OH 4.0.1 on Debian 12 Proxmox VM using Chrome and starting JS 11 Script.

When I’m editing rules in the Main-UI normally when you click on “Execute a given script”
it opens the script so you can edit it.

This behaviour is different when the rule has the trigger “when the system has reached level 70”. In that case it runs the rule and you need to click several times to be able to open the scrip to edit, when you save it, it runs the rule again.
Removing the trigger will solve the problem so I made a work around with an extra item that sendsCommand ON to start my boot script to avoid editing the run with the “when the system reached level 70”. The extra rule to kick the full script rule has the same issue so hope reproducible as this was not normal behavour in OH 3.

This came up in another thread. I’ve seen the same behavior but haven’t had a chance to look into it. In my opinion the rule should only execute (in this use case) when it’s saved. Not merely when you’ve clicked to open a script action/condition.

My recommendation was to file an issue. But I’ve not followed up on whether or not an issue has been filed. I think this may be a UI issue.

Hi Rick, I reposted this issue here with the tag Main-UI, was that not what you meant?

No, what I meant was How to file an Issue

Thanks Rich, Filled the issue here