Main UI values are not displayed

  • Platform information:
    • Raspi4 with 4GB RAM with openhabian 1.6.3

Hi all,

at first thanks to all for your work!
I have setup an new OH3 system parallel to my openhab 2.5… The most ist working fine. I get the from the different bindings and can display the values on Habpanel, but in the main ui I don’t see the values of an item. I can only see a “-”.
Thanks in advance for your help.

I had more or less the same problem.
SSE connection is blocked in some way, by firewall or part of the virus scanner. for example, it worked well on my android devices but not my windows 10 desktop.

Good luck figuring out which piece of software on your client device is responsible for blocking SSE traffic / connection

Thanks a lot. The Avira virus scanner web protection was the proplem.