Main UI Web Audio

Since upgrading to openHAB3, I started using the main UI instead of habPanel. What I am missing is the web audio functionality. Can anybody confirm that web audio is not available in main UI or am I doing something wrong?
The console shows web audio as default sink, but I can not hear anything on my device which formerly worked flawlessly with openHAB 2 and habPanel:

openhab> openhab:audio sinks
  System Speaker (enhancedjavasound)
* Web Audio (webaudio)
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same to me.
I have habpanel running in a 2nd tab of my browser. Works even though MainUI is visible.
But it needs to be a tab in the background, not a separate brwoser in background

Although the docs state that UI would support WebAudio this Issue is Open.

Okay, thanks for pointing out the issue. I am going to follow progress there.

It seems the issue is still open. @vbier Have you found any other option/workaround to play sounds in habpanelviewer using the OH3 GUI?