Maintainer for ImperiHAB (Imperihome binding)

Hey there!

Revenz, the creator of the ImperiHAB binding stopped maintaining his wonderful binding.

Is there anyone who is interested to work on this to make it support the other Item types? I think most of the work is already done, but I have not enough Java knowledge (currently learning) to do this on my own.

If anyone would fork, I would totally help out if I get some instructions of yours and get them into your fork for review.

Same holds for me, I am no an expert at all, but if there’s anything I can do to support someone who’s picking this up I am more than happy to give my full effort,

@gersilex I can take this one on. Let me know.

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@mganapa - Thanks Mahesh!

@mganapa Sounds awesome. Feel free to take over anything you want. Revenz seems to have his fork here, which may need to be merged with the upstream as well.

If we can do anything for you, let us hear on this thread or link to a new thread here. :slight_smile: Thank you for your help!

Let me know if I can help !

Really hope to see this continue as I truly do love it for a front end display.

I would like to possible ask for a request in future releases…

Would it be possible to control Philip Hue bulbs better? Currently, within OpenHab, I can both turn on/off a phillips bulb AND dim the light.

But with ImperiHab, I can not seem dim a Philips Hug lightbulbs via Imperihab. However, it I add a Philips System to ImperiHome I can dim those lights.

But using Imperihab is the preferred method because with OpenHab and the Philips Hue binding you actually gain remote access from outside your home. Adding the Philipe Hue as a system to ImperiHome does not give remote access to the lights.

Hope that makes some sense. If not I can try and explain it better.

I think this is mostly a question of implementation. Generally, if you add
Dimmer Items, you should be able to dim and switch the lights. Neither the
ImperiHAB app, nor the OpenHAB anrdoid app actually know that this is a hue

I fully agree to you, that the bulbs should be managed through openhab for
remote url access.

Do you see the dimming controls within the imperihome app or are they
displayed as normal lights?
If they are normal light widgets, the Dimmer Item may not yet be
implemented in ImperiHAB. But I really think it is, cannot look into the
code right now.

Paul Muldoon schrieb am Fr., 8. Jan. 2016 um
02:24 Uhr:

As far as I know, I have the items setup correct in OpenHab. Below is a Hue Lux bulb I have in my sons room. It has items for both the Switch and a Dimmer as such:

> Switch Light_FF_Child_Lamp	 		"Kev Lamp" 					(FF_Child, Lights)		{hue="2", imperihab="room:Kevin,label:Kevin Lamp,type:DevDimmer"}
> Dimmer Dim_FF_Child_Lamp			"Kev Dim"					(FF_Child, Lights)		{hue="2;brightness;30"}

Now, In OpenHab, and from a remote location I can turn on the lamp and dim the bulb.

Now with ImperiHome:

If the bulb is configured under ImperiHab. I can turn the light ON but can not dim it. I can also control that bulb remotely.

And if the Bulb is configured under the Philips system in ImperiHome. I can both turn it on and Dim it. But only from within my home wifi. I can’t seem to control it remotely.

So my current preference is to configure any Hue bulb in ImperiHome under the ImperiHab Addon System to have remote control of it. But you can only turn the Hue bulbt on and off and not dim it (either on local wifi or remote)

shouldn’t the

imperihab=“room:Kevin,label:Kevin Lamp,type:DevDimmer”

be part of the Dimmer Item, instead of the Switch Item?

Paul Muldoon schrieb am Fr., 8. Jan. 2016 um
17:16 Uhr:

A Dimmer can always be switchen as well, you don’t need to have both. I
would ditch the Switch Item and go only with the Dimmer Item.

PM me for more info, to keep the thread clean :wink:

Has anyone got this binding working under OH2 ?

No luck for me so far, so i thought id ask before i go deep diving.


@mganapa - Hi Mahesh, Have you been able to compile this binding to see you have all that is needed to maintain it?

No one using OH2 beta 2 with Imperihab?
I hope someone picks this up…;-(

I’m back to tinkering with openHAB. If I can get a working openHAB 2 system running on a raspberrypi, I’ll update this plugin to work with that.

Oh this is revenz/reven, btw, username on new forum is just my first name :slight_smile:

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Yay!!! Yes please John…welcome back…thought we had lost you!!

nah, I just got busy with other projects, and this thing was just working for me and didnt need any work :slight_smile:

I have openhab 2 and habmin2 running on a pi, just having an issue getting the zwave binding working, once I have that working and a system actually doing stuff, Ill look into update the addon to work with openhab2.

so I have a 1.8 setup now, and imperihab binding seems to be running fine still…

anyone have a list of the known issues that I can get started on?

Hi John,
I’ve no issues on 1.8 withImperihab, but im keen to begin moving to OH2…and at least for me I cannot get Imperihab to work there.
I kinda decided not to invest much time on OH1 and go straight to OH2 from Vera, and not having Imperihab is really the only blocker I have at this time.

I’m more than happy to send any logs or perform any tests you require.


I couldn’t get anything working on OH2, well no zwave stuff, which meant it was pretty much useless to me. Ill setup the dev environment and see if theres any tweaks/bugs for OH1, but until I can actually get OH2 running, I won’t be updating the plugin (cos I cant get it to work :))

Fair enough…

You could, just maybe… run up an OH2 demo instance, and use it to see if you can get Imperihab going :wink:

Selfish…aint I :wink:

( Where are you located - we seem to be in the same TZ ) I’m in Sydney, Aus. )

What hardware are you trying to use for Zwave? Perhaps I can help you? I am using my Vera for all Zwave stuff, but do have an Aeon Zstick un-used in my box of goodies.