MainUI cache problems


It looks that my MainUI is caching items and other information and I don’t know how I cannot get it to update. See the attached screenshots where there is a difference between the items which can be found under items, and the list of items as part of the ‘members’ screen.

I’m not sure where to start debugging. I’m using reverse proxy but it also happens when directly accessing OpenHAB. Does anyone has a tip how I can start to find the solution to this problem?

Do you use Firefox?
If yes, use another Browser (at least for configuration).

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In Firefox you can press F5 to reload, but you can also press CTRL-F5 to reload and override the cache.

@Udo_Hartmann: what are the problems with Firefox?

Well, in fact even ctrl+F5 doesn’t always help :slight_smile: to get the true (currently valid) list of (new) Items

Yes, I use Firefox.

Thanks it’s not related to my config, although it is kind of annoying. Is there an issue for the underlying problem? Why do other browsers (as far as I understand) function properly?

I already tried all caching solution but was surprised when a new private window solved the trick.