mainUi Communication failure

Since upgrading to to openhab 4 i get a “communication error” every now and then. looks like this:

usually when this error surfaces i can’t switch to other tabs (non responsive) for some time. after a while i can switch tabs again, but it’s not fluid. the error didn’t exist on oh3 (no changes on pages) and also the problem regarding other tabs is new.
any idea what i have broken?

thanks for any help!

I think you’ll need to open the browser console and look at what errors get generated around the time that the communication failure occurs to diagnose this.

obviously i forgot to mention that this happens on my android phone. so that’ll be a little tricky.
while the error appears quite often i’m not able to reproduce it on purpose… i’ll try to setup debugging and will answer as soon as i can track the error…

If you are using the app, there’s a toggle in settings to show troubleshooting information and just below that you’ll find the app’s logs.