MainUI: Label component

So, I have finally gotten around to begin migrating my Basic UIs to the new OpenHAB MainUI. After lots of reading and adapting examples and so on, some questions remain regarding the documentation / the ability of oneself to derive certain features / possibilities from it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the possibilities of the new UI and despite resenting HTML and CSS basically since the beginning of the web I managed to achieve what I needed so far.

So I have learned and understood that I can use OpenHAB components and F7 vue components. The latter are pretty well documented, the OH components are mostly self-explaining.

But how could I have found out that there is a component Label (with a capital L) that renders to a plain div? That was more or less one of the first things I would’ve needed while being the last one I actually found out when I stumbled in the like 50th example I studied. Did I miss a piece of documentation?

If that’s a standard component of any of the used frameworks, where could I get a list of possibly other items I can use in my UIs?

Good question. I guess we all foound out by studying other’s examples and reading carefully Yannicks posts :slight_smile:

see here and here

Apart from that, if you type in

- component:

and press <ctrl>+<space> you get a full list of available controls

Label doesn’t appear in those lists (and yes, for some components I have already begun studying the vue sources, otherwise I wouldn’t have understood oh-colorpicker’s openIn option).

The auto-completion also just shows everything that starts with f7- or oh-, not Label.