MainUI on mobile changes widget to all Caps

Hi All I have strange question , I just noticed that my custom widget look diffrent on mobile then on the desktop.


If you noticed the names are ALL CAPS on the mobile version. (if I check desktop site on the mobile chrome it will be lowercase as in the )

Where in the depths of the mainUI are buried controls for that?

Add this css style to all of your widgets, or if possible to the config section of your page:

  --f7-button-text-transform: none

following your lead I tried

    --f7-button-large-text-transform: none;
    --f7-button-text-transform: none;
    --f7-button-small-text-transform: none;

still the mobile version is all caps

Just for reference I put it here in widget style:

When setting styles using the widget yaml, do not end the style with a ;. Use

--f7-button-text-transform: none


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Many thanks, that did the job.