mainUI Pages (Layout) question

Just a quick one:

Why can’t I use the button widget on a layout card?

The components of the System Widget Library are the individual components with which you can build your own custom widgets so you can’t just put an oh-button on a page. There is not Button Card because this doesn’t really make sense (it doesn’t add any additional functionality) given that the cards themselves, via their action configuration, can be configured to have all of the same action effects as a button.

Thanks Justin,

Yes, a button card was the one I am missing.
Currently I am using a label card to siwtch over to another page.
Unfortunately the label card MUST have a label (I would prefer a icon only to keep it smaller).
But if I delete the label I get a “-” and the additional space to display the “-”

Sounds like you’ll have to create a custom widget either with an oh-link or oh-button on an f7-card or even, depending on your styling preference, just a custom widget that is only an oh-link or oh-button. Both of those should be fairly straightforward.

Thank you.
I must admit (which is already obvious) that I don’t have experience with pages and widgets in OH3 yet.
I spend weeks and months in designing my habpanel, but from my impression the mainUI pages approach is faster and has a nice look as well.
So I will dig into this.
Thanks again for your help, @JustinG

Hello Gerland,

As part of a solution, I use this yaml to make a button with text (can’t make it work with an icon):

component: oh-list-card
  outline: true
    - component: oh-list-item
        action: navigate
        actionPage: page:zp
        listButton: true
        title: Detail

This is the result:

Hi Diego,

thank you, I will try it and play around a bit. :slight_smile: