MainUI Web Frame ind Android


i insert a web Frame in my Main UI page (Google Calendar). On Computer its working, on Android it is an empty field the App. When I open my Page in Browser on Android (I tried tablet and phone) I can see the calendar.

I tried secure and “normal” connection to my server. → same problem

I tried to make Webpage on my Server with “iframe” → same problem

What else can io do?

Did you enter a https url for your openHAB server in the app?

I tried both http and https.

I am using OpenHAB 4.1.1 on a Synology VM with Ubuntu. Newest Version of Android App…

I tried more:

Install valid SSL-Cert (ZeroSSL), still the same problem

New VM von VMWare ESXi and restore Data, still same problem.

I would be really happy, if someone can help me…

Pleas let me know if there are mor information needed.