Major ESH upgrade in 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT


I’d like to revive the “important changes” section for the current 2.2 snapshot builds.
Due to holiday season, there weren’t many major changes in the snapshot - especially, no updates from ESH were pushed to openHAB since end of June.

Well, today we have a new distro build (#988) that includes a major ESH update. You can see the list of the more than 50 changes here.
It includes fixes in most ESH bindings like:

  • FSInternetRadio: Improved connection handling
  • Astro: Critical fixes in the job scheduling, so that this now works reliably
  • LIFX: Fixed powerOnBrightness configuration
  • Tradfri: Fixed some exceptions
  • LIRC: A newly added binding

Besides those, there were also many smaller fixes for the Paper UI and the Basic UI and refactorings in the core framework. They should be all fully backward compatible to your existing (2.1/2.2) setups - if you come across any weird new behaviors and warnings/errors in your logs that weren’t there before, please be so kind and report them at

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yuppie ! :fireworks:
(upgrading all 5 test systems :slight_smile:)

I will open up a new thread if I find something wrong before I post a new issue… I usually do configuration mistakes when testing :smile:

@Kai how can we back port the latest ESH to the 2.1 release?

I am still running ESH 8.0 as the documentation says “the “Snapshot” build is currently not recommended for daily use”

I am running OH2.1, is ESH 8.0 still the recommended version ?

Please, don’t mix up things :wink:

I guess you are using Eclipse Smarthome Designer 0.8
ESH is the framework which is used in openHAB, current version is (according to Github) rev-0.9.0b5

Can i upgrade the ESH without changing to the 2.2 snapshot release? In other words, can i just stop my openhab, unzip this ESH package into some folder of my manual installation, restart openhab and that works? If yes, in which path? :smiley:


Edit: Looks like it is more complicated than just unzipping the whole thing into one path - Looks like the different jars have to go into different folders, if it is like that, i just use the bindings, that make problems so far from this update, uninstall the older ones via karaf console and put the new ones in the addons path.

My bad :disappointed_relieved:

Would still like an update for ESH Designer though :smile:

Out of complete blue, you should check out openHAB VS Code extension :wink: (here’s how to install it)

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Why not updating to OH2.2? There is no need to be afraid about “beta”, just update if you want new functionality or leave it as it is, if there is nothing “nice to have”…


For information, all snapshots (starting with #988) with this new ESH build have a major issue for TTS when using the Sonos binding.
I already fixed one of the problems but apparrently it is not enough to restore a working TTS.

I switched back to the snapshot 951 and TTS is working again.

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I can confirm that I’m also experiencing issues. Glad to know it wasn’t something wrong on my end. Thanks!!

Does anybody have issues with other bindings using TTS or say command in rules. e.g. Chromecast, Kodi, Squeeze Box? If so please report to issue

SqueezeBox TTS/notifications are working in SqueezeBox on build 989.

I’m also seeing the same issue with playSound to my Sonos as the audio sink

@mhilbush Thanks for your reply.

Problem with Sonos and TTS is solved in OH snapshot 990.


can v2.2 be obtained through apt get update / apt get upgrade ? or is there a more complex process that needs to be followed to get the update(s) which fix this issue?

having to manually restart openhab every couple days to prevent the astro binding queue full issue is getting annoying, i don’t want to create a chron task to auto restart openhab as that shouldn’t be the solution but I might have to if there isn’t an otherwise simple fix to this

Hi @dhog12, yes you can switch to the snapshot (unstable) packages and the update using apt-get upgrade.

Add the unstable repository as documented here (labelled snapshot release), then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade.

When can we expect a stable 2.2 ?
I have major issues due to the astro binding bug (no more executions …) and the homematic variable reload issue 2755 and the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) of my installation is rapidly decreasing … :wink:

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Same. Any idea on a time frame for release?