Make a note in HomeKit documentation about Wifi issues


after debugging a while my HomeKit setup I realised that the main problem is my router. Temporarily I have my OH2 connected to my home network via Wifi, and HomeKit does not work, it’s imposible to do the pairing. Seems that some routers do not handle the bonjour/mDNS multicast traffic properly between the wired and wireless networks.

Is it worth adding a note to the HomeKit binding documentation about this fact, so others don’t waste time wondering why it doesn’t work?


Probably but before it is added you should probably provide a more in-depth description of the problem and possible solutions (if any) as a separate posting here first. I only say that because someone may have a workaround to the problem and because this problem may impact more than just the HomeKit binding.

After that, I definitely agree that it should be added to the docs. You would need to file an issue on the openhab2-addons repo I think.