Make Alexa speak/play sound in a dedicated volume via a .json formatted string

For a specific use case I want to be able to make my Echo Dot speak a line at 100% volume. One solution is to…

  1. Save the current volume in a variable…
  2. … turn up the volume to 100%…
  3. … speak whatever needs to be spoken…
  4. … and then turn back the volume back to the original volume.

In the documentation of the Amazon Echo Contro-binding, however, there’s an explanation for a json-based formating, which (if I understand things correctly) allows for speaking things in dedicated volumes. See here: Amazon Echo Control - Bindings | openHAB

However, I don’t get this to work, neither in the provided DSL-example, nor in a javascript test rule. If the Echo says something, it just read out the json string. :smiley:

This is (among other options) what I tried:

Echo_Dot_Bad_Speak.sendCommand('{ "speak":"Test", "volume": 20}')

Am I missing something?

To things that came to my mind when I read the documentation:
a) did you try the same using an announcement channel as one is used in the example
b) the example uses an echo show; I am not sure if that is related


Just tried it out. The only difference between the “speak-channel” and the “announcement-channel” is that the latter adds an announcemnet-jingle in front of the text. Otherwise (especially in terms of volume) it is identical.

Probably it has to do with that.